the rain woke me last night. i heard it start in the dark. just for a moment, when i was finding the cool side of my pillow.

now, grinding coffee in our kitchen that still smells like last nights frying and garlic. the sun today is a summer sun. it pushes at the edges of shadow. in it, bees grow fatter and slower and plants speed up. yesterday's rain is still on everyone's mind. "do you realize Beethoven composed all his music without ever having looked upon the sea?"

ps. we were lucky to be on amanda's blog last week, i don't ever want her "my better half" series to end.
pps. on that mushy note, found a tiny clip from our wedding last weekend on my papa's computer; i think filmed by my aunt. funny that then, only three years ago, we had so much less technology. no instagrams or iphone videos from that day. :)