take care take care take care

we are home from an entirely fun weekend with friends.

singing in the car \ dinner by the river \ a hotel courtyard for reading books \ a thanksgiving picnic in the leaves \ car naps \ rooftop patios strung with lights \ art gallery books \ good talks \ and one of my very best concerts \

- i am excited to get my film developed!]

- photo by tanya - with her phone! - i know i am alone on this, but i had never played with an iphone before. instagram blows my mind.



  1. you are not alone. i have NEVER had a cool phone in my entire life. Never ever. I just ordered the new iphone and i fully admit that i have never played with one before and i'm going to have learn all about it. lame. but exciting. (looking forward to instagram)

  2. Sounds like the best kind of weekend to me! And a late Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. thanksgiving picnic in the leaves!!

    you two = the most adorable. and i <3 instagram. xoxoxo

  4. eeps! this photo is too cute. can't wait to see our film get developed...