Since Ives, life is sweeter.  And life was sweet before.  He is the cream of our hearts. The sweetness, I think, is partly in the ceremony of it all.  Before Ives, we had our small rituals and chores.  But everything has become more ritualistic.  Waking, rising, eating, washing, dressing, cleaning, sleeping, walking: all of these things involve more steps.  I have gotten to know my hands and arms better, as they are now used in more ways. It feels like working hard, but also like meditation - to establish the steps and repetitively take them, sometimes leaving my mind behind.  It feels healthful.  It is therapeutic and physical and tiring and it keeps getting better.

I ask Ives every morning of his dreams, but every morning I am left guessing. When he can tell me his dreams, if he wants to, I think my world will grow twice the size.  We are taking him, tomorrow, on a small trip south.  Back to another place that feels like home.  To introduce him to the sea. 


// 2nd photo: Ives at 7.5 weeks.
// 6th photo: by Christie.