a haircut
a new tin of tea
a bumblebee on halloween (with her cousin the skunk)
wooden windowsill city
a beautiful friend
words thom left one morning
collecting seeds
matches and tea
an old tray

In the book Midnight's Children Aziz falls in love with the woman he eventually marries by seeing her first thru a 7 inch hole in a bed sheet.  He first sees her stomach, then her ankle, then her knee.  It is not until three years later, he sees her face.  By then he is besotted.

This is how it is to be pregnant.  To reluctantly and without sight admit to a slipping of the heart.  We notice the whole world transforming but are afraid to say because we have only small pieces of evidence.  There is just this: a back, an elbow, a knee, moving underneath the tightness of my stretched skin. These tiny pieces, adding up, filling and forming holes in our imaginations.  I will miss this time, I know.