tastes of our weekend:
butter biscuits for breakfast over a fire, with strawberry jam and sharp cheese
foil roasted rosemary red onion
steak served over roasted beets with cottage cheese and thyme and lemon
challah bread, toasted, with fig spread
french toast with stewed apricots and crème anglaise

We drove out of the city on friday, pitched a tent by the water and watched a lightning storm over the lake. The waves sounded like the ocean. But the smells were pine and smoke instead of salt. We slept wrapped in a million blankets, pushing together for warmth. It rained hard on the tent. In the morning Thom built a fire with the driest wood he could find and I made biscuits in cast iron over the flames. We read and ate and played cards and skipped rocks and drove home with child like grins on our faces.

-taking an instagram break (was feeling overwhelmed)