swimming hole

i remember, but as if through a fog.

we took a bus from the orphanage to this swimming place. it was painted green on the inside. there were few seats, and open fans and I sat on the floor. Some girls asked me to braid their hair. After swimming, we ate watermelon and sticky rice and spicy beans and the kids laughed when I took photos of the food.

The girl who is flipping over in the black tube is named Latda, she was one I knew fairly well, one of the three who woke me up every morning, soft taps and whispers at my door. I remember she was daring in the water, climbing tall trees and jumping off, holding her breath for long minutes, doing somersaults, showing off. I remember I was worried. And then I was embarrassed that I was worried. None of the other staff seemed worried.

some time in 2005 or 2006; the border of Burma and Thailand