God's hands

"a dried honeycomb, an empty hornets nest."

Getting film developed always makes my heart flutter.
but sometimes, rarely, it also makes me sad.
I do, i think, take photographs partly to try to stop time - save moments like I saved shells and driftwood in my treasure boxes when i was little. makes my knees weak when i think that I've lost them all and I have left is the photograph.


two posts on the kinfolk journal about wonderful Charleston places
we were lucky enough to visit on our little trip.


  1. How beautiful. Yes, that is what photography is about, preserving moments as best as we can. Lovely photos. =)

  2. Lovely thoughts and lovely photos!

  3. I so hear you.

    I refer to the many, many, MANY images I am collecting of Willa - and of our life - as our 'tiny pauses'. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time is moving.


  4. Whoa. Hil is a MAJOR fox in that photo.

  5. so beautiful! the second picture is just perfect

  6. i really understand what you mean about sensing the loss of time by looking at a photograph. i feel that often. but then on the flip side, when you've completely forgotten about a moment, a photograph can bring you back there.

    it's in that in-between space where photos are hard.

    these are lovely and i love imagining what that top photo is.


    1. and i second jill: hil is a major fox. period.

  7. I love photographs so much for that reason...they transport you back to everything you were feeling at that moment, and even moments that you weren't a part of, you can somehow feel a part of that person's experience.