/// if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops


  1. oh my gosh! It is really Christmas where you are! We won't get a white Christmas this year, I wish we did!
    beautiful photos!

  2. wow. that barn does sure look terrible already. sigh.

    it looks, from your photos, as though you're spending oodles of time in the big L. Is that true? or you just post photos often of the same sporadic trips? what i wouldnt give for a teleporter just now - i'd like to beam over for 2 or 3 days of Christmas in the snow with family - and then continue on with the 30C BBQ and poolside weather. ;-)

  3. jocelyn! hee! you are funny, yes, i guess i have been in Landmark quite a bit this fall/winter: cleaning out the barn day, photoshoot with jill, christmas gathering, oh and I went out for a wonderful brunch with Kristen Krymusa and her sister Robyn one morning. Wish you could beam yourself here too for a few days. I would love a tea with you. :)xx