Last sunday we filled the backseat of a car with tony chestnut and drove out to grandpa's to photograph jill's fall collection. After changing in the barn, getting a history tour from Thom (seeing where the chickens were slaughtered and where the ice rink used to be), feeding tiny grain, taking nine rolls of film, and playing tag in the ruts carved by trucks, Grandpa and Grandma fed us warm homemade buns, super strong coffee, and cake that had swirls of cream cheese running through. We had frozen noses and fingers and legs.

Grandma Hilda told my favourite story of hers which ends with her sister calling out
"hilda humpse üt dän fensta!" (low german for "hilda jumped out the window".)

some good words:

-wayah: cherokee for wolf/.

-unyielding: a very good adjective.

-humpse: low german for jump

///these outtakes by thom and jill's sister amy.