this season

time feels like its melting. as if as soon as you make a snowball, all you have is a puddle in your palm, a soaking mitten. this seems like yesterday, the initial chill. now, our world is frozen. we wear knits around our arms and fur around our necks. keep our heads covered. suddenly its winter. suddenly its christmas.

in this family of two, we are trying especially hard to hold on to each day together. (store snowballs in the freezer.) in the start of the new year, we will be apart for a while. we will be growing and learning as a family, but from a distance, for a short time. thom and i have never been more than 2 days apart, so we will have to learn. i am praying for courage, even as i am filled with peace and excitement.

still, this weekend, there were moments where we had all the time in the world. waking up lazy for breakfast; tea and winter walks; snowballs that didn't melt, but flew and landed, playing, on their target. :)

ps. we saw this movie, and now thom is always singing this silly song.