two friends
evening lights
afternoon laziness

bonne week end. tonight we celebrate a friend's new job; and i am hoping that what thom has been working on for a week might finally be ready for tasting (it is a long process of feeding a "starter"; making yeast)


  1. Lovely photos! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. who is the second photo of, darlin? xo
    p.s. the cold breeze is moving my curtains and creeping into my bones...bittersweet

  3. oh i just realized it's tara, right?
    crazy. looks like a magazine. beautiful photo of her and handsome max.

  4. Two very beautiful shots.

    Yep, I have some photos from the other night. That was so much fun. Did you see the one of Hil:

    No problem about the sweater. Glad that it's keeping you warm - cool out today! You can drop it at Parlour or we can arrange something. XO

  5. these two photos are great, nik.
    and i agree with hilary, that one of tara definitely looks like a magazine and/or sienna miller.

  6. i love that second photo. and usually things that come after a long process of feeding a starter are very well worth it.