the lens of my camera/
looks like a car crash:
cracks that match the sidewalk it landed on.

i took a roll anyway and am kinda enchanted by some of the photos, its nice to realise good can come of bad, even if in the smallest most frivolous way.

[tk in the middle of his day/coffee break date]


  1. I'm sorry to hear your lens is broken, but that photo is amazing! Loving the fact too that you got to have a coffee break date...how fun!

  2. an accident! sad but beautiful. my heart goes out to you and your camera. hope you can remedy it soon soon. xx

  3. ah, the architecture in the background is fantastic... nice work. funny that it's Winnipeg, we take it for granted daily...

  4. dear tk, you look handsome in your suit. you must have good genes.

    and, nice BBQ. kinda looks like our weber. is it a weber? :-)

  5. happy accidents. this is so dreamy though!

  6. it got lovelliness, you can take some magical unexpected pictures with that borken lens though, so maybe it isn't that bad, right? keep positive