country home

thom's parents have the type of home where everyone is welcome; where you can go pick raspberries in the backyard for your cerial in the morning, and flowers for setting the table in the evening. it is the kind of home where shared meals last all day long, with everyone sitting around the table on the big wooden porch.

this weekend we:

celebrated dad's birthday,
went for a drive on the dirt roads through canola fields to see the housebarns,
bathed lucy in a tupperware tub on the porch,
went to church in the morning,
napped and drank beer in the afternoon,
watched a lightning storm with all the lights off,
and ate orzo salad and steak off the barbecue,
and tried our best survive the heat.

it was the most wonderful...


  1. that all sounds sososo perfect. we had a lightning storm here too while we tried to sleep :)

    all of these pictures (the bunny! the baby!) are so good. when can you teach me your ways?

    p.s. i answered you back on my blog, but my b-day is the 21st! when is yours? are we birthday twins?!

  2. Hey Nik, I can't believe how big Lucy is...I haven't seen any recent photos for awhile!

  3. sounds fabulous! and good to finally catch up on friday. xx

  4. You make Altona look so dreamy! Such a great shot of wee Lucy. Willa's one day younger and up to the same tricks. :)

  5. glad you visited the housebarns. i'm going to live in nb one day. seriously. xo

  6. chole: august 3rd... i wish we were twins! x

    sus: I made thom take me there, turns out i had been there before but yesterday I saw it through new eyes cause of you!

    auntie: I will send you some lucy photos asap!


  7. gorgeous light in these photographs, summer bliss.