( )---

moving from milk to mush! hourah!
its actually super exciting to see her eat off a spoon for the first time.


ps. my small tribute to my city :

In winter i wake up to my radio alarm clock warning me about -47 degrees celsius (-50 degrees f). frost bite, hypothermia, loss of limbs. Yesterday that same radio alarm woke me warning me of +46 c. (116 degrees f) heat stroke, sun stroke, etc.

Because we are landlocked, because we are far enough north to get that cold, because of a host of other factors I don't understand, we get some of the biggest extremes in the world. It makes for a certain type of personality I think. In winter we keep going with school/work/life even when we have to plug in our cars and shovel for hours to get out of our driveways. And in summer (because we must take advantage of it, because soon it will be winter again), we play outside with hats and sunscreen and hot dogs and put off getting an airconditioner, when most southerns would look at us like we're nuts. maybe we are nuts.

some similarities between s and w:
getting into a car is the last thing you want to do (waiting for it to heat up/cool down)
touching the steering wheel hurts
your heart goes out to the construction workers