good things like tea and bread and jam.
they are very important these days.

sixth photo: princeton 2008. hil. night snack (toast)


  1. oh my gosh, those white buns on that wood table.... i want to eat them. I don't know why but they look so so good right now.

  2. hehe funny. why is that wooden table so so familiar to me?? and the glasses...and the delucas buns...is that my parents house a long time ago or am i just crazy??

  3. I have been so glad that I found your blog by yours visit to mine.Here is so lovely!
    from Finland

  4. Nikaela... yes, we're chasing the same houses. Did you bid on that one? We were outbid again. 7 weeks till departure and still nowhere to live...Know anyone needing housesitters? Room in your parents' basement :)? Send any ideas my way.
    Love seeing sweet little Lucy. Give my love to Joanna.
    Happy exam week... (I think? Robyn is frantic, so I'm guessing)...
    love, k

  5. hil: that is your parents house a long time ago! :) xxx
    kirsten: no, still have not bid on one...we have the luxury of taking our time. oh, I wish I knew someone that could help you out! have your parents looked at the condos in houses on/near mcmillan? I think there are a couple and they look so nice. yes, your sister is not alone in being frantic. two more days and we're free!!!! back to the essay...

  6. Little joys create happiness ;)
    your blog is nice :)

  7. i am in love with that second photo.

  8. Hello, this is my first ever visit here (from seventy tree) and I'm mesmerised by the simple beauty in your photos. Love it! Kellie xx

  9. These photos are all so lovely! I adore the basket!