and mine.

ps. started my french class yesterday. loved it. made friends.
pps. finished all my papers and exams for this semester! feel like i'm floating.
ppps. strange confession: this song brought tears to my eyes in the car today. heee heee. so funny when that happens totally random like that. oh k'naan.


  1. 1) I love those braids of yours. I miss braiding & pinning up my hair.
    2) Are you taking it at collège saint-boniface? Mike took courses there over the winter!
    3) Congratulations on finishing! I still have two weeks - aaaaah.
    4) Wavin' Flag gets me just about every.time. How embarrassing.

  2. my little sis is taking french right now and she's been trying to teach me a few things. we've also been watching french movies. i want to take it when i start school this fall. hopefully i can!

    your braids are wonderful.

  3. I just signed up for a french class five minutes ago.. looking forward to it. I admire people who can style hair at the back of their head. I'm completely incapable...

  4. Chouette alors ! Je vais pouvoir te laisser des commentaires en français...

  5. anne: merci! qui est une très bonne idée!

    chloe: have you been to the parisian market in savanah? my mumma brought me back the most amazing alphabet blocks {for my french learning and for my kids one day}!! xxx

  6. janis: yes! I am taking class in the beautiful college st.b. did mike like his class? did he learn lots?


    ps. can't believe you met mr and mrs globe trot! very cool!