breathing out

"i stood on the library steps holding my books and looking for a minute at the soft hinted green in the branches against the sky and wishing, as i always did, that i could walk home across the sky instead of through the village."

-shirly jackson {We have always Lived in the Castle}


  1. hi again, blog friend.

    thanks for the "joe" tips! i did a lot of internet stalking and came up empty in regards to buying any pieces off line... darn you canadians, and your thrifty, genius clothing. i'm going to be upset all summer long, wishing i was in that bathing suit of yours. ok, not in it with you, but in it. you get what i mean.

    on another note, i always love the imagery you post, especially those of what i think is your kitchen/crafting table. i notice a berger book in the image above... have you read 'the shape of a pocket'? i loved it. which book is that i see of yours?

    happy weekend. happy spring. blessings,

  2. beautiful lines by s. jackson! and beautiful pics!
    such an inspiration! have a very sunny day!

  3. chelsea, i havn't read "the shape of a pocket", but I am excited that you recomended it. on my table is "About Looking"...

    i loved his short novel "To the Wedding" oh so much. xx

    thanks for your sweet words about my photos.