this week:

my husband got hired! {he has been articling, we were not surprised, just happy.} had drinks at the fort gary to celebrate.
i bought a swimsuit from joe {too early?} it made me feel like summer just to buy it!
i gave an hour and half long presentation in my class {phew!}
we celebrated christie's birthday at bistro 71/4: 6 girls, 2 bottles of wine, mussels and fries and cheese and baguette; really good stories, lots of laughing and one happy birthday girl. {i gave christie giant print of this photo}
i bought this book from my store {really excited about it! i have read parts, but I just wanted to own the whole thing.}
tanya and i went shower shopping.
went to a new cinnamon bun place on portage for a late morning coffee in the sun.

ps. i love these shots. androgynous tourist. i want her sunlgasses and camera. {found}