this week:

my husband got hired! {he has been articling, we were not surprised, just happy.} had drinks at the fort gary to celebrate.
i bought a swimsuit from joe {too early?} it made me feel like summer just to buy it!
i gave an hour and half long presentation in my class {phew!}
we celebrated christie's birthday at bistro 71/4: 6 girls, 2 bottles of wine, mussels and fries and cheese and baguette; really good stories, lots of laughing and one happy birthday girl. {i gave christie giant print of this photo}
i bought this book from my store {really excited about it! i have read parts, but I just wanted to own the whole thing.}
tanya and i went shower shopping.
went to a new cinnamon bun place on portage for a late morning coffee in the sun.

ps. i love these shots. androgynous tourist. i want her sunlgasses and camera. {found}


  1. i just got a swim suit from joe too!!! black and very similar. of course its not too early, especially when they are such a good price!

  2. what a fun week! (except for an hour and a half presentation...i can't imagine what that would even be like). i love love love those pictures of cannes; i kind of want to be that girl now. xoxoxo

  3. these photos are lovely lovely! and i hope you don't mind, but i might copy you with the swimsuit ... it's so cute and i've been needing a one-piece. this one looks like cute jcrew one from last year. was fun doing gales with you this morning!

  4. ooh i like that globe ... thing?

    also, lovely bathing suit. i'll have to check out the selection!

    congratulations to your husband!

  5. wow, that's quite a week! congratulations to your husband :)

    p.s. I really adore that bathing suit, I'm trying to find one like it.

  6. I love your images, very interesting! Thanks for sharing the cool links!

  7. i wish i could have had a week like that! your photographs represent it beautifully.

  8. I love that swimsuit! And I love this blog. I'm a newcomer, but in a matter of days I've managed to go through all of your archives and am a big fan. I love your style and your pictures make me smile! I didn't mean for that to rhyme, I promise ;)

  9. That is the prettiest swimming costume ever. Beautiful colour xx

  10. swimming costume! fun words: bathing costume, swimming suit. tee hee! :) tanya i of course don't care! could even be fun if we were matchy matchy on the beach! ohhhh summer come now. xo

  11. Nik, I went to Johnnie's sticky buns yesterday and they are fabulous! Of course I brought a few home to have with my tea! It's the old High Tea Bakery where Kasandra and Joel got their wedding cake! Congrats to Thom...loads of love!

  12. such a lovely blog and beautiful photos!! Okay so first off, congrats to your husband on his job, secondly i NEED that bathing suit where'd you get it?, and lastly, give me a dozen of cinnamon buns and i will finish them off wanting more. now i'm having some cravings :/
    new follower! :)

    little lady - brittanyst.blogspot.com

  13. miss blog friend,

    i, along with all the other ladies who have commented (and surely many who have remained anonymous) need that swimsuit. where-oh WHERE-can i find it?

    chelsea of oh my deer