this season is all about light, no? the light comes and changes our minds, relieves our frozen selves and streets. melts everything.
some photos with interesting light:
1) canada day with chris and heather, 2007.
2) my friend laura on roller skates.
3) finished snack.
4) tanya and luke's kitchen chandelier.
5) my brother and me as kids baking christmas cookies: blue winter, red kitchen, bossy older sister in a chef hat.
(last photo by my mumma; others: mine)

reading this book over again. loving it even more the second time. do you re-read books? i have a friend who doesn't re-watch movies she most loves, just to preserve them in her mind as as perfect as the first time watched. have to say, i love this.

Two of my absolute most favourite authors:
-one catching butterflies
-one dancing with his wife {at 0.45 seconds}

-want to cook this this weekend.