- -

my mummas curtains.
the moving of air.
the coming of spring.
a long walk out over the water. a family trip south.
my papa calls newborns "babes" instead of "babies".
a view from a rooftop in Quebec. another family trip.
a mask i made. a lion. grade six.

these photos.
they made sense to me today; felt right.
they tell a story to me. maybe, hopefully, to you too.

back to the essay.
guten naught.



  1. oh my goodness, that rooftop view! wow. love. the breathing fabric, your oma's wristwatch, your papa's faint mustached smilee. i am looking at these neon flowers in the only pool of light in this dark room (i love when flowers peek out from behind my laptop because the synthesis of nature and technology makes it feel ok to be looking at a glowing screen)and i'm thinking of spring and thinking about the light that felt just like thailand the other morning and an image of you with a seashell in your sandy hand. xoxo! p.s. did thom figure out the salmon?

  2. xxxx
    thank you for all your loves and photo inspections my dear! the salmon worked out okay, I think we bought the wrong feta. our guests were so very gracious though!

    ps. can't wait till we are done school!

  3. this is most perfect! i love the light through the curtains, looks like the summer sun is coming. and your beautiful oma and the mask you made.... all love!

  4. your oma is the cutest. she looks like the kind of woman who you could be instant friends with. :)

  5. a very nice story that made me think who's the most important person in my life :)